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What We Do

Healthy Families, Strong Communities

The Burt Family Foundation was founded in 2006 by Gregg and Donna Burt, successful serial entrepreneur with decades of business and philanthropic success. Our philanthropic work is focused on funding and delivering charitable services in the communities our family calls home with an emphasis on underserved children and their families. We fund and support initiatives that provide educational, nutrition, and health and wellness services in communities in the Austin, TX and Southern California regions.


Our Initiatives

Education, Nutrition, Health & Wellness

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After School

Quality after school programs that provide children with supportive and engaging activities are proven to boost school attendance, persistence, and academic performance, as well as provide a safe and welcoming environment for the children of working parents. BFF is proud to support after school program providers seeking to expand their reach, impact, or operations.


Food insecurity affects communities in every corner of the world and leaves millions without reliable access to affordable, nutritious food. This is especially prevalent in low-income families with children and can lead to chronic illness and other health and child development challenges. BFF is proud to support programs like +Box and other initiatives that are dedicated to providing healthy, nutritious food to families in need.

Health & Wellness

Children in poverty typically have less access and experience more barriers to quality healthcare, including preventative care, that make them more susceptible to chronic illness, poorer nutrition, lower immunization rates, and other health and wellness risks. BFF supports initiatives and healthcare organizations that are focused on providing children access to the care they need to grow, thrive, and live healthy lives.


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